Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Migrating Accounts with Profit-Clicking the Ad Click Xpress

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Theoretically, you can now migrate your account with Profit Clicking the new system Ad Click Xpress , in practice, not all are successful, because the programmers work on the system, and sometimes does not work a new service .. In such a situation, you just have to try later ..

How to migrate accounts ProfitClicking to Ad Click Express?

... In a very simple way. First, go to the login page in PofitClicking http://www.adclickxpress.com  and log in with your existing number. ID and password.
How will you sign it immediately notifying Party about the possibility of migrating your account toAd Click Express , at the bottom of the page, click the Migrate Now
Migrating Accounts with Profit-Clicking the Ad Click Xpress
Now you should see a message indicating that the migration process completed successfully - click Login Now .
Log on to the new Ad Click Xpress system by using existing data to PC
Migrating Accounts with Profit-Clicking the Ad Click Xpress
For now ... and that's it. Now we have to wait until all the data has been transferred from ProfitClicking to the new system, which within the moment, it looks almost identical to the PC.
Big minus the very beginning: the migration of ProfitClicking to AdClikXpress resembles the process of migrating from JustBeenPaid to ProfitClicking - almost nothing in the new system does not yet exist and, if so it looked like in the past, then we will wait for months to run basic, essential functions (like a promise that this process has to be fast ..)


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