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Ad Click Xpress:June 21 update

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The beginning of this message I like the most :) (not a literal translation, and all inf. messaging - only the "relevant" information).
It is true that the Ad Click Xpress is on track to become the largest, most successful advertising and home party business, which was seen on the Internet, as well as her brothers and sisters -Click Paid and ProfitClicking and just as big daddy JustBeenPaid ( the best of the Internet has seen the program).
You can see in the above text, something to do with my last entry: Ad Click Xpress - Successor ProfitClicking, Can you Phishers Sami Under Another Banner ? wrote there about ClickPaid , the service PC to crowd out alive. As I chat to handle the Click Paid looks almost identical to the PC, and that is certainly their service - the man wrote back to me that they have nothing to do with that service, that belongs to another company ... And here, suddenly already there are, and suddenly they created it ..
Ad Click Express is the fourth commercial program that uses infinitely sustainable financial model derived from the original JustBeenPaid program, through which many lives were changed for the better.
Infinitely durable ... empty promises - two "large" programs have died, two were created ...
Today ACX is at the top in terms of revenue, which achieved ProfitClicking weeks and expect to go to a much higher "high" (in terms of finances) in the coming days and weeks. Remember that even ProfitClicking Premium System , made ​​very significant progress in a short period of time in ProfitClicking and plan to do some things the same, in order to stimulate growth (development)ACX , starting in the next few hours - for example, from today, you can see who of your referrals migrated from PC to ACX, under the tab My Refferrals referrals you can see who got the news about ACX, and you need to send this information ...
Anyone else remember what progress has been made premium PC system? People began to buy advertising packages, hassle-free payment was for about a month and ended in the good times, so if ACX implement the same patterns of activity that were in the PC reader, think what kind of future awaits visitors who ACX buy advertising packages ...
Within a few hours, you will be able to use part of the funds from the system PC BASIC shopping at ACX , just as we did in ProfitClicking when the system was launched premium PC - this is great because revenues grew like crazy, and users love it.
Buying packages can be used with standard PC BASIC to 10% of the value of your purchase.
ProfitShift system PC PREMIUM is "developed" - expect to see results at the end of this week.
Message from 20.06.2013
Here, there is nothing significant - 90% inf. is repeated with 19.06, while ACX boasts Alexa ranking in the 900,000 already on the spot when all the new sites in Alexa start from the place 24,000,000
Here you can see the Alexa ranking data on ACX: #

Regarding the last entry - I received emails from some of you, it is too early drew these conclusions, etc. I think that, unfortunately, too late ... I was hoping that those people with JBP / PC have good intentions, but made mistakes that led to the this situation .. but the new service ACX only confirm that users are far away somewhere.
Why do I think?
As already two times their "infinitely persistent pattern" failed (JBP and PC), and the third time doing the same thing in ACX (or even fourth time, I forgot to Click Paid service that runs on the same "foundation"). So if two times their plan failed, then you think that this time we will not fail? .. For a few months (up to one year) will again change to the new service, as people begin to shoot one's mouth and mad about not paying ...
Suffice just fine ... change that followed in the footsteps of such as Charles Scoville (owner AdHitProfits) and did a system based on shared revenues (other than now) - for example, on the site will generate $ 1 000 000, 10% take for themselves, 90% split between users (whoever buys more advertising packages, the more money will get ...). Everyone would be happy with the profits, and the system could work really long time ... but apparently the strategy of the State of ACX does not allow ...
Again, this is just my warning, and everyone has their own mind and do as he will.


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